Interactive Floor Projection – A Sophisticated Interactive Technology Shaping the Future

Interactive technology has been shaping the world for more than a decade.  It is an example of two-way communication through an interface & technology to [...]
Interactive Floor in Educational Immersive Space installed by 4D Creative Ltd -

Interactive Projection Deepens Learning

In regards to learning Albert Einstein stated, "Any fool can know. The point is to understand." Guiding learners to that true understanding, whether they are [...]
Interactive Floor with Sealife and Water Effect

What Marketing Ideas Can You Use With Interactive Floors?

Interactive floors are a technological phenomenon that you've likely only seen in hi-tech shows around the globe over the last several years. While once only [...]
Interactive Projection System

The New World of Interactive Floors | Interactive Touch Screen Software

The unique experience of interactive floors is spreading around the globe. The ways to utilize interactive floor projections has only started to be realized. [...]