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Interactive Projection Deepens Learning

Interactive Floor in Educational Immersive Space installed by 4D Creative Ltd -

In regards to learning Albert Einstein stated, “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” Guiding learners to that true understanding, whether they are children or adults, must incorporate some level of meaningful interaction. While methods of interaction are varied, one of the most purposeful educational mediums available today is interactive projection.

For generations, the learning paradigm was one of “sit and get.” In other words, the learners were stationary and passive while the instructor would fill their brains with all the information that they were later expected to regurgitate. While this method worked for the short term, often times just long enough to get through the exam, the learning was rarely permanent or transitory enough to be applied in actual situations. Fortunately, “…the presence of interactions and interactivity in technology-based instructional materials have become synonymous with enhanced learning.”

Encouraging learners of all ages to become active participants with the information is essential for the longevity and application of the learned information and skills; in fact, when the technology-based “…activity was planned and considered, students used higher levels of cognitive activity and achieved greater learning outcomes when compared to students who sought information through browsing or unstructured search strategies,” the much more traditional methods of knowledge acquisition.

Luminvision Limited provides the perfect blend of purposeful and exciting learning through motion tracking displays that permit students and teachers alike to connect with the projected material. Interactive projection permits students and instructors to reveal new layers of any subject, encouraging deeper discussions about that content. When this progressive format is combined with an educator’s expertise and repertoire of videos, pictures, and audio, students are far more likely to achieve the mastery of the information and skills that cannot be achieved through traditional avenues.

Whether the learners with which you work are K-12 students or adults who must acquire new information to fulfill their professional expectations, Luminvision Limited’s interactive projection will support their genuine understanding of the materials and skills. Please contact us today to discover how we can support your organization’s instructional needs.