Create unlimited effects using the AdVis SDK

Create unlimited effects using the AdVis SDK

A Software Development Kit is available as an upgrade to AdVis 2.0 Full Pack users.

This enables users to interface with our motion detection engine using any programming language they wish. This means that they can create as many interactive effects as they want. Unlike other SDK’s, we use a TCP/IP interface which lets a whole range of programming languages work with AdVis 2.0. Flash Actionscript, Java, C++, C#, Dev C++ can easily connect to AdVis, and use the SDK’s simple API to control the motion detection engine and receive messages to control the effect.

The SDK comes with a Debug Server with a panel displaying incoming and outgoing messages, interactive zone display and full documentation. C#, XNA, C++, Dev C++ and Flash examples are included.

SDK Player

An SDK Player is built into AdVis Full packs, this means that you can run your custom effects on any system with an AdVis Full pack without having to purchase another SDK. What’s more, by following instructions in the SDK documentation, you can launch your custom effect in exactly the same way as launching one of our standard effects. The SDK player will automatically start and your effect will integrate seamlessly into the launcher and into effect sequences.