Interactive Floor Unit

AdVis Lite Floor Projection Unit

AdVis Lite Floor Projection Unit

Luminvision, the projection specialist, brings you this clever solution in floor displays. AdVis Lite is a novel and enterprising technology that lets you utilise a traditionally overlooked space – the floor.

Advis Lite may use sophisticated technology, but its application is simple. We’ve designed it to be straight forward in every way, from the ordering process to content creation and branding the box itself all the way to delivery at your event.

It’s the next generation in floor projection systems – a floor projection so bright it’s show stopping in a box so discreet it’s seamless.

AdVis Floor Projection Unit

AdVis Lite Branding
Edge Blended Interactive Floor AdVis Lite

    • AdVis Lite is fully transportable and takes just minutes to set up.
    • AdVis Lite floor standing so ceiling heights and rigging are never an issue.
    • AdVis Lite captures the attention of guests, drawing them into your space and tempting them to interact with your brand.
    • AdVis Lite is fully customisable – with over 100 projection templates to choose from and a fully transformable skin.

AdVis Lite is perfect for:

    • Restaurants
    • Department Store Doorways
    • Exhibitions and conferences
    • Events
    • Retail environments
    • Road shows and experiential spaces