Interactive Walls

Interactive Wall with Edge Blending

Interactive Wall with Edge Blending

Using the same hardware and AdVis software as an interactive floor, it’s possible to change the position of the tracking camera and projector/s to create an interactive wall. Using short throw projectors or rear projecting on to a projection screen from the rear, you can eliminate all shadow and allow people to walk right up to the wall and interact with it.

For most installations you can use our AdVis 2.1 Interactive Projection Software, 1 or more projectors and a PC to create an interactive wall of any size or shape. With built in edge blending, you can use multiple projectors to create larger interactive walls that will be displayed as a single seamless interactive image. You are also not limited to just projection; you can also use AdVis with other displays such as Plasma Screens, LCD Screens, LED Screens and Video Walls.

As with the interactive floor, each effect is completely configurable, you can insert your own backgrounds, logos, videos, sounds, settings etc. very easily using built in configuration dialogues that are extremely easy to use. This enables you to create an unlimited number of unique effects as well as having an unlimited amount of different advertisers on the display.