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The New World of Interactive Floors

Interactive Projection System

The unique experience of interactive floors is spreading around the globe. The ways to utilize interactive floor projections has only started to be realized. It is something that can be a tool for teaching children in a classroom setting. Businesses are using it for advertising and marketing purposes. Medical professionals are discovering its benefits for their patients. Many people are finding that interactive floors are also just a good way to spend some time having fun.

According to an article in Touchscreen Magazine, “Interactive floor projection provide a unique combination of personal movement with digital marketing. Interactive software turns any floor into a unique, exciting and fun place full of action. Interacting is effortless and that makes it just fun.”


One of the most amazing aspects of interactive floor projection is the number of people it can involve. Many people can walk over the floor projection and interact with the exact same floor space. It is something multiple people can do at once. It is designed to cover large spaces on a floor. This makes it possible to play certain games and sports in a new and unique way. It permits individuals to react to any movement without holding a controller in a virtual world of sports and games.

Multimedia Projectors

Interactive multimedia floor projectors are utilized to provide very special experiences. These projectors are able to show many different types of images, characters or patterns from above the floor. Infrared lights and cameras are used. It is designed to work when a person moves on the floor. This movement will cause a response from the floor projection. It then changes the graphics and more to interact with the person walking on the floor.


If a beach is projected on the floor people can feel they are walking on sand each step they take. Even a footprint can be left in the sand. It can help potential vacationers experience being at a resort. A party for children can have kids be in a specific virtual world that was requested. It’s a fun way to create a powerful experience.

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