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Interactive Floor Projection – A Sophisticated Interactive Technology Shaping the Future

Interactive technology has been shaping the world for more than a decade. 

It is an example of two-way communication through an interface & technology to the user. This has brought a significant way how we work and communicate. From video, text, and now interactive interaction, things are improving rapidly. This article will shed light on the most trending topic at present – interactive floor projection. It is a technology that helps you interact with the digital world in the same manner, you communicate with the real world. To learn more about this profound technology, dig into this post.

What is an Interactive Floor Projection system?

It is an interactive physical interface designed digitally that allows communication between users and interaction through technology. This technology has been a major part of retail-like malls, museums, airports, hotels, etc. It is also implemented in the education sector to understand things & technology better.

Luminvision is the market leading company for interactive floor projection software, and it has been providing stellar services for interactive software for nearly two decades. They have accomplished thousands of floor projections projects: dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers, fluffy clouds, etc. With a professional team with a lively environment, they can deliver the best in the industry and keep up sustaining their reputation.

What Factors Give Interactive Floor Projection System Edge Over Other Technologies?

The interactive floor is the standout technology that consists of a display, a sensor, and a computer. Its interactivity activity is based on motion capture with a custom inhouse IR camera sensor. The display can be created with any projector and set up in a much wider variety of ways than the other options, which require display hardware to be installed on the floor and be durable enough to withstand people walking all over it. Now, let us discuss the top-most feature of this booing technology.|

1. Better Understanding & Collaboration: 

Interactive floor projector systems keep everyone interested and engaged by displaying action. Those who have difficulty focusing on a screen will be captivated by watching you interact with it. Even better, it encourages others to participate. Professors and teachers have found this highly beneficial. Students gain from hands-on learning and interactive learning when used in the classroom. These educational tactics make it easier for some children to assimilate information.

2. Impressive Productivity & Flexibility:

The interactive floor can make the environment more flexible. If you are showing a fish display, leaf, or cloud display, it will not only excite children but adults. They have the sensation of being connected to the real environment while also moving. Implementing this technology in the workplace, public locations, and educational institutions might result in significant earnings due to the appealing presentation and environment.

3. Fun Environment & People Engagement:

Keep your gaze fixed on the ground and enjoy the digital transformation of the floor. A once-boring floor surface becomes an engaging, digital playground with interactive floors. Your actions create a stunning visual impact when you walk close to, on, or above the floor. Users can kick leaves, stomp in puddles, dance, or sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Luminvision has provided over 300 schools worldwide with the Advis interactive projection system.

4. Marketing & Advertisement to Next Level:

A bright floor projector display, allows your brand advertisement or services that captivates the attention of thousands of people with special effects and multimedia content onto the floor surface. It can bring media and material to life in the real world using the specialized Advis software and motion camera technologies, allowing them to connect people in new ways and improve the company in ways never envisioned.