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Digitally Transformed Interactive Walls for Captivating Customers

The era of technology is booming like never before. The intellectual minds of humans have done the impossible, be it digital currency, Artificial Intelligence, Satellites, or the world going online. However, the topic for today’s discussion is not a human achievement in technology but how the interactive wall changes the world of digital displays. So, here we go!

What is an Interactive Wall?

It is a digital wall that is large and high resolution, and recognizes gesture and motion. 

The content is displayed as shown on the computer or laptop desktop screen. This high-profile technology helps various sectors like healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more, capture audiences and promotes advertisements and services, that are digitally transformed.

Distinguished Feature List of an Interactive Wall Projection

The key quality of an interactive wall is to respond to the increased need for interactive spaces. The attributes of an ideal interactive wall, how they can increase group collaboration and personal involvement, and how they influence wall designs. Now, let us find out the profound features of the Interactive projection wall in the following paragraphs.

  1. Large Screen Display: LED Large screens with high-resolution HD screens that distribute an exceptional visual experience. The LED wall is excellent for enhancing user experience and understanding information far better. Luminvision is the industry leader in providing a captivating digital visualizing experience with best rated interactive projection software platform, Advis.
  2. High Resolution: To give consumers a complete picture of the situation, whether near or far from the interactive wall, large amounts of accessible data needs high resolution. 
  3. Gesture Recognition: We offer gesture-controlled interactive surfaces that can be projected onto any floor or wall. Basic hand, foot, and body gestures are used to control it. It is possible to share real-time media from tablets or mobile devices, as well as beacon and bespoke content options. This feature will require the interactive wall’s capacity to multitask and alert users in the event of a disagreement.
  4. Multi-User Participation: An interactive wall allows several users to collaborate on its surface, making group participation easier. Gesture recognition allows as many users as it can see to track and use it with their hands or arms movements, resulting in highly engaged and motivated cooperation.

Looking for Multiple Interactive Wall Projection?

Interactive Wall projection is an excellent way to captivate customers & expand the business. If you are looking for the best interactive projection software, Advis software is the best option, and it is the most sold and the best-ranked software for walls and floors or any surface.

Create an interactive wall of any size or shape with Advis 2.1 Interactive Projection Software. The tool is capable enough of creating one or more interactive walls irrespective of shape and size. We have several templates for designing interactive projections for your business and captivating customers. 

A Luminvision designed high-resolution projection wall system will provide a seamless visual experience to the world. The system delivers a quicker response time with every motion. 

We also offer users to insert their own customized content and media as per your needs. To have a word with us, chat with our support team or share your thoughts and ideas at