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What is the Advantage to Having an Interactive Wall in Your Business?

Gavi Conference Interactive Wall

What is the Advantage to Having an Interactive Wall in Your Business?

The words interactive walls may sound unfamiliar to you right now, but it may join the ranks of the terms “cloud”, “VoIP”, and “big data” soon as the most important part of business marketing. Here at Luminvision Ltd., some of the effects you may have seen on TV during opening ceremonies of the Olympics and other hi-tech events are now available to use in your business. We’re talking about interactive images projected onto indoor or outdoor surfaces that’s possible through innovative projection technology never before available to everyone.

Out of several options, one of the most stunning is having an interactive wall inside your business. What’s the advantage of having this technology for your customers? Take a look at why nurturing the imagination can bring a real wow factor to customers that helps your brand stay in the minds of every consumer.

How Interactive Walls Work

Using our projection software called AdVis along with a PC, you can normally project digital images onto floors to create the effects you still see at Olympic opening ceremonies or large-scale events. In those ceremonies, they can create the illusion of water or other vivid imagery on the ground while performers interact. While you may have thought this was good only for entertainment, the marketing potentials are endless.

What makes our technology so interesting is that while you can project images on any surface, it also can be used on LED screens. No matter where you project the images, they’re all in stunning high definition to give the feel of virtual reality. When you can alter reality, you spark the imagination of customers and places them in a much better mood than they perhaps were when coming in.

The Marketing Potential

The fact that customers can interact with the images on the screen makes it all the more important to marketing. As digital signs still do, our interactive projection system will bring an even stronger sense of surprise and curiosity. Even if kids will be instantly wowed by it, adults will love it as well while taking them away from ordinary advertising.

Because you can easily incorporate imagery related to your business in the projection system, it’s also a stronger way to get your brand assimilated into customers’ minds. This correlation between branding and providing interactive entertainment is guaranteed to help you gain valued new customers and help retain old ones.

That’s why we encourage you to contact us here at Luminvision Ltd. to find out more about the marketing possibilities with our digital projection systems. It’s an open creative book when it comes to ideas with this technology. We’ll work with you to assure our software helps bring a brand awareness like no other available today.